Discover the power of n-Core and customize all its functionalities


n-Core includes fully functional demo applications that allow you to check the full potential of this platform.
Develop a wide range of applications over n-Core:

  1. Real-Time Location: location and tracking of people, assets and animals, access control, wander prevention, warning and alert systems, control of security perimeters, resources optimization.
  2. Telemonitoring and automation: control of energy costs, monitoring of consumption patterns, monitoring and control of electrical and electronic equipment, monitoring of environmental data, lighting and air conditioning control, automation scenes, industrial and home automation.


Main benefits of using n-Core:

Costs and time savings:

  • Low-cost infrastructure with fast ROI.
  • Easy deployment platform.
  • Minimal investment in maintenance.
  • Reduction of energy consumption.
  • Fast learning curve.

Resources optimization:

  • Deployment of multiple applications over the same platform.
  • Useful and easy-to-learn tools for developers.
  • Monitoring of all types of environmental data (temperature, lighting, gas leaks, etc.).

Total flexibility:

  • Cutting-edge technology that improves with time, thanks to Nebusens’ support.
  • Fully scalable and customizable features and Infrastructure according to your needs.
  • Develop all kinds of applications easily.