Workers safety in factories

Thanks to the application of our real-time locating technology in factories, you can prevent labor risks and monitor your resources, improving workers safety and the productive processes.

You can also take a look to our Polaris real-time locating system to see how we take care of workers and track vehicles in factories and other environments.



  • Prevent labor risks and work-related injuries.
  • Improve the productive processes.




  • Polaris real-time locating system tracks workers and vehicles at every moment.
  • n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices allow tracking workers throughout the facilities.
  • n-Core Sirius OBD devices allow tracking forklifts' location and gather internal parameters (oil level, brakes liquid level, battery level, possible failures or other information provided by the forklift).
  • n-Core Sirius RadIOn devices as locating/networking infraestructure to detect the position of users and forward location data to the Polaris real-time locating system.
  • The workers can press their mobile panic buttons (n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices) in order to request help to the rest of the personnel.
  • Customized software based on n-Core platform that in addition to locating workers also track the heavy-weight machinery and starts/stops it automatically to protect workers from being injured and also save time and costs.