Safety in tunnels and mines

Improve safety of workers inside tunnels or mines by means of our locating and sensing technology, preventing labor risks and work-related injures in addition to optimize human resources.

You can also take a look to our Polaris real-time locating system with sensing features to see how we take care of workers during the construction of public infrastructures, mines and other similar scenarios.



  • Prevent labor risks and work-related injures.
  • Optimize the staff.




  • n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices to track workers inside the tunnel or the mine gallery.
  • Managers can supervise all movements and therefore optimize teamwork and working shifts.
  • The system also registers all entrances and exits from/to the tunnel or the mine gallery.
  • Workers can press mobile panic buttons in n-Core Sirius Quantum 2.0 devices to alert about possible risks.
  • n-Core Sirius RadIOn devices as locating/networking infraestructure to detect the position of users and forward location data to the Polaris real-time locating system.
  • n-Core Sirius RadIOn devices are connected to different sensors in order to detect floods, smokes or gases inside the tunnel or mine.